senior software engineer - network 40-70

更新于 2021-12-16

5-10年 本科 工作周期:六个月以上 8小时/天 5天/周




* explore ways to improve security, latency and performance of the ckb p2p network.
* design and deploy large scale environments to study ckb network's behaviors.
* improve ckb's network stack based on requirements of different running environments.
* implement or prototype networking optimization ideas.

minimum qualifications

* 5 years experience in the software development field.
* proficiency in at least one system language, including rust, c/c .
* experience with large scale distributed system.
* knowledge of modern performant, encrypted networking stack.
* excellent teamwork and communication skills.

preferred qualifications

* experience working with open source projects.
* experience in large scale distributed system.
* experience in network protocol stack design.
* maintainer of open source networking protocol libraries is preferred.